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The Sweet Sorghum Association (SSA) welcomes visitors to our website.

For the general public, we provide useful information on the efforts to develop sweet sorghum as a renewal source of fuel.

For our members, the website contains several resources, including member communications, convention presentations, scientific documents, a discussion forum, photo gallery, membership directory and other resources for use by our members in advancing the development of sweet sorghum as a source of renewable fuel and production of bio-chemicals.

Historically, sweet sorghum has been used as a food for humans and as feed for livestock. The most common food product is sorghum molasses, typically sold in food stores in small containers.

Sorghum molasses is commonly eaten at breakfast as a topping to pancakes, biscuits, or other breads, similar to honey and jelly. It is also used in stir frying, in baked beans and as a topping to ice cream. It is also used as a commercial food ingredient to sweeten baked goods and other food products.

It is used in liquid medications, particularly in children's medicines to sweeten the otherwise bitter taste.  The “syrup” in cough syrup provides both the carrier for the medication and functions as a sweeter.

While this may seem as sweet sorghum is widely used, in fact, use has declined significantly as a food source due to abundance of other sweeteners. Total acres in the United States have diminished to small growers in a few states.

Today, efforts by the members of the SSEA, and other industry participants, are to expand the usage of this crop to be grown, harvested and fermented in the ethanol, a renewable source of fuel.

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