The SSA exists to advance, promote and increase our understanding of the sweet sorghum plant (Sorghum Bicolor).

Our members and meetings focus on the diverse nature of sweet sorghum. Some of these interest areas include: making ethanol or other biofuels, producing green specialty chemicals from the sugars, plant breeding and genetics, agronomy, cultivation techniques, harvesting techniques and equipment, producing livestock feed, producing food from the grain, producing bio electricity from the baggase, Agri business, raising capital for new projects, political and policy issues, sustainability and climate change mitigation.

If you are an active grower, researcher, entrepreneur or just a fan of sweet sorghum, please come join us at our annual meeting in Sunny Orlando, Florida.

We would love to have you join our cause by becoming a member.

To learn more about our efforts, please view these pages:

• Sweet Sorghum
• Bioproducts
• Technology

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