About Us

The Sweet Sorghum Association (SSA) provides its members a means of communication and cooperation to pursue the common goal of adding sweet sorghum as a crop for producing renewal fuel.

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Mission Statement

If you are an active grower, researcher, entrepreneur or just a fan of sweet sorghum, please come join us at our annual meeting in Sunny Orlando, Florida.

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Sweet Sorghum

The crops of corn, sugarcane and grain sorghum have enjoyed extensive research and development, including improved genetics and refined agronomic practices, such as fertilizer materials, rates and application timing.

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Members of the Sweet Sorghum Association are currently exploring a broad range of technologies.  Both commercial companies and university researchers are making steady progress with their efforts.

Agronomic research and development is being pursued, including plant genetics, fertilization, weed control, disease resistance, insect control and other agronomy aspects.

The agronomic goals are reliable production of sweet sorghum with high yields, high sugar content and at an optimum cost of production.

Machinery for harvesting is primarily determining what modifications are needed for the machinery currently used for harvesting sugarcane, which has similar plant growth.

Some our members are exploring a range of techniques for extracting the juice from the stalk, including juice extraction in the field to reduce the transportation requirements of a bulky crop.

Other members are researching the optimization of the fermentation and distillation processes.

Investors are providing the financial capital to fund the research and develop sweet sorghum for production on land poor suited for crops like corn.

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